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Version upgrade

Hi. I'm still using 1.0.1. version of Web Issue. If I gonna to pass to the latest (1.1.5), what will happen with my current data? Will it be a very new environtment (when all my records will be lost) or a new version will be just overwritten and I will have all my old data stored at the same place?
In addition, I'm interested in Export To CSV. Is it available on the latest 1.1.5 version?
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I have followed the directions from the manual best I can and am having issues.

To do a fresh compile for windows what is the preferred QT version? I am having trouble finding one that will install the mingw32-make executives. As a result I have an error when attempting to execute the second step. After I get that step to run where would I find the resulting Executable? I'm wanting to compile a version with the EXPORT button removed since we are storing lots of personal information and I can't risk people extracting all that info this easily.


Getting com_dotnet error during Server Configuration

Greetings. I have the WebIssues server up and running. During initial configuration, I am attempting to establish the connection to the MS SQL Server that will host the DB. when I hit "Next" I am getting the error - The 'com_dotnet' extension is missing or disabled. I see an issue in these forums where this was address with a beta release that was missing a break in the setup script, but find nothing that addresses this particular scenario. What is this error message telling me? What do I need to do to resolve it?

- damon

Views Modification


I was just wondering. Is it possible to disable Personal Views or to modify which columns appear in the selectable views list.

Essentially I am looking to use WebIssues with a client that wants to be able to use it with multiple clients, however, they do not wish clients to be able to see each other.

At present, you can view every user on the system by modifying a personal view and using the drop down list that is auto-populated. The columns are Created By, Modified By, etc.

I have been hunting through the code to try and ascertain where to disable this but have not found it. I would like to be able to turn personal views on or off on a project by project basis but this is not supported.

Would it be possible to let me know what file the relevant code would be in.

I found the html template to add an if statement to disable a column from appearing by name. However, I would like to disable the list of users unless the person creating the view is an Administrator or restrict the list of users to Members only of the Project in much the same way Assigned To can be.


webissues 1.1.4 not accessible over https

I have server with Webissues 1.1.4 where I setup ssl certificate and redirection in .htaccess in public_html:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Under webissues panel works perfectly but not under Above redirection works excellent for each site on the server. What is wrong, what to do, need help. ;)

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