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Using client on rasberry PI

What is the best way to install the client (like the one used in windows) on a clean Raspberry PI Install? It's my understanding I need to compile the program on the device?


Moving entries between folders of different type

test case: lets say i have created 2 slightly different folder types, Tasks1 and Taks2 and i have two folders in a project Tasks1 and Taks2 respectively. Tasks2 has the same attributes as Tasks1 (new attributes of course but with exactly the same names and values) but also 1 new field and 1 field that is missing. Is moving entries from folder Tasks1 to Tasks2 possible? If yes, what will happen? Will the attributes that exists in both folder types be moved? Will the attributes that do not exist in the destination folder be deleted from the DB or they will remain?

Wish: mass change attribute value text

One may wish to update one of the available values in a combobox (attribute list). The previously entered values in tasks will not be updated. It would be really helpful to have a mechanism to achieve that (define attribute, old value, new value and a button to massively update all related values to all necessary tables).

Project future


WebIssues is a fine and relatively simple to use project. I'm thinking of deploying it in the company i work as a BugTracker for a couple of projects i have. I have some concerns though.

I see there are many ideas ( but there is no clear indication on whether the project is active or if there are certain features selected to be implemented for the next release (whenever this may be). From what i've understood, this is a one-man show, so it solely depends on the time this one developer can spare on it. This makes the future of the project "misty", both "feature-wise" and "support-wise".

Mimec, it would be nice to have some comments from you on the future of WebIssues. The time you've already spend on this project is much appreciated. It's quality is much better than other free bug trackers i've tried, more user-friendly and visually appealing. Understandably, real-life always takes precedence so it would be nice to know if you have time to spare on it and in general, your hopes about its future.

Thank you.

Attachment file lost, after changed to new server

Hi there!

I've changed web issue server to new one
I've used FTP to copy and replace in new server path
But when I refer to attached file in web issues I couldn't open it, I've check file path via FTP the attachment file still existing in file path but even I tried to open it direct from file path I couldn't open it.

How can I restore this attachment file?

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