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mySQL Database Password ?

hi to all,

i am using a hosting service with mysql database. unforunately did i forgot the access password. is there any file where the password is saved and any possibility to decode ?

thanks a lot to everybody


Newbie incomming email question


I'm an absolute newbie with WebIssues. I installed it this morning and am currently trying to set email up.
My email server is on a different server than my webissues server.
I set up WebIssues to connect to my mail server and to receive the mail posted previously to the "webissues" account on the mail server.

I ran the Test and the connection works fine. This is confirmed by the log of the mail server.
I set up WebIssues to put the incoming mail to my "support" folder of my project.

My test is done like following:
- send an email to the webissues account on the mail server (works fine. The mail appears in the webissues mail account on the mail server)
- execute manually the php ./cron/job.php on the webissues server
When doing so my email log confirms that the webissues server connects successfully to the mail server and that he got the mail. The mail (I use POP3 protocol) is successfully deleted on the mail server.

But no issue is created.

I'm certainly missing a configuration option. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Desactivate letter case for login


It is possible to disable the letter case for the login ?

Thank in advance,


Multi editing

Exist a procedure that allows the simultaneous editing of multiple issues?
For example I like modify "Assigned to" or "status" for about 20 issues.
Can you help me?

Problem of view with Desktop Client

Hi !
I've got a problem with my company's webissues. Someone must have touched something or whatever ; the problem is here. Our Desktop Client can't display an issues anymore. When your checking the different projet, none of them appear and when your crating an issue from this client the window that opens says the following 'Unknown Issue' and at the bottom 'This view is not accessible'.
The fact is, everything is created and accessible from the web client.
After an hour of reasearch in the logs and the settings we just give up.
Please tell me if you have an idea of what happened of what may be a solution.

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