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Update from 1.1-beta1 to 1.1.4

Hello folks. I would like to install newer version of Webissues. I am not sure in few questions:
1. Update should be from my version to one higher, i.e. 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 then to 1.1.3 and finally to 1.1.4?
2. Before update I should make a backup of database but only this of any config files?
3. After put files on the server via ftp client how turn on installation process?
4. Database which I already have will work with newer version of Webissues + after update DB to newer (required) version, nothing should crash after correctly carry operation through?

WebIssues Mobile Version Display incorrect format

I've login to the webissues and when I view the detail for each issue it displays the HTML tag
instead of the normal content. This occurred in the mobile website only not the web version.

Get login information for other application


Thanks for great work of WebIssues.

In order to implement integrated login, I would like to get login information from WebIssues and use this information at other application.

If it is not able to get login info from webissues, then I should to implement login twice. To avoid login per each application, get login session info from webissues and should use this on other app.

Please let me know how to handle this matter.

Global Drop Down

After creating a drop down in a separate issue, would it be possible to go in and reference another drop down from a different issue? What I would like to to is have the same drop down (Over 1000 items) be global so if I update one I don't have to update them all.

Thanks again !

Server / Database Backup

Fantastic tool, thank you for the work!

We are using this for some critical project tracking data storage. It would be a huge set back if something should happen to the Database. The server is running on a VM, I have preformed windows image backups of the environment but I would like to know if another method is preferred. What files would need to be copied if I wanted to duplicate the settings and database information. I want to be 100% sure I can stand this up on a new VM should something crash or become corrupt.

Thanks for the help !!

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