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New domain extensions


I'm trying to configure the "Email Settings" with a email but I get a "Incorrect value: Email address is invalid." error.
I think this is a problem of the software. What can I do to use this kind of email account?

Thank you.

Need HTTP webservices

I need HTTP based webservices for Webissues to get user details, authenticate user and get projects and task related to that user. Are there any built-in webservices or API exists for this purpose?

Can not access to web server


Please I need your help.
I have long running WebIssues portal for few years. Since March 18, I reported a problem.
When trying to access the service showed an error indicating :

" Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time. ".

For information, I have not generated any changes or updates at the server level. I do not understand what happened

Thanks, I hope you can help me.

incoming request format (html vs plaint text) in case of email registrations

I have configured email integration for our Wi instance and found one issues that doesn't seems to very practical from tool user point of view.
Could someone please point on either there are any configurable options for incoming emails in terms of content format that is expected by Wi? What I'm looking for in detail is option to default that all incoming requests (throe the emails) or updates to those are treated as plain text. HTML messages converted as attachments makes request details to be not so convenient and easy to read so wold like to understand how adjustable is that piece. Couldn't locate it as part of manual so I guess this could require some apache/smpt reconfigurations?

Criteria for notifications recieve


Few words as introduction.
I have choosed Wi as as internal issue tracking tool for a small group of users (tech related business unit). I 'm happy of the easy of use and customization capabilities application and so far it fulfills all the basics needs considered. Indeed I'm struggling with one particular configuration need.
I'm pretty sure this could be achieved with some minor adjustments for the default alert criteria but somehow can't find the right way.
The goal is that anyone gets notifications for modifications on requests created by himself or the ones that assigned to this person. So basically those are two default alerts - 'Created by Me' and 'My Active xxx' that are enabled for immediate notifications. The issue here is that for any requests that are register and assigned to the same person there are 2 identical notifications received cause it is eligible for both of those conditions settled (alert 'My Active Tasks' is sort of extended version of 'Created by Me').
By trying to add additional criteria 'Created by me' != 'Me' for 'My active xxx' view we kind a loose some set of requests from this view.
this could supposed behavior and suggest use is to filter (views) in combinations if full view of any interesting requests is required but probably there is another solution for this s oi would like to hear any advice for the same.
i hope I have described this in meaningful manner but if anything has to be clarified ion some other way please let me know ad I will try my best.

thanks in advance for any input.


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