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Some Chinese Translation Error

关闭工作项 should be 复制工作项

sometimes happens ,cron job check PoP3 inbox


类型: 错误
安全性: 错误 错误
日期: 2017/8/23 10:57
消息: Unhandled System_Core_Exception: Inbox error: POP3 connection broken while itemizing messages in D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\system\mail\inboxengine.inc.php on line 308
Stack trace:
#0 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\system\mail\inboxengine.inc.php(81): System_Mail_InboxEngine->handleError()
#1 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\system\mail\inboxengine.inc.php(45): System_Mail_InboxEngine->setSettings(Array)
#2 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\cron\job.php(328): System_Mail_InboxEngine->loadSettings()
#3 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\cron\job.php(76): Cron_Job->processInboxEmails()
#4 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\system\core\application.inc.php(210): Cron_Job->execute()
#5 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\system\bootstrap.inc.php(130): System_Core_Application->run()
#6 D:\webissu\USBWebserver-v8.6\USBWebserver-v8.6\root\webissues-server-1.1.5\cron\job.php(693): System_Bootstrap::run('Cron_Job')
#7 {main}
主机名: unknown

Create a view to list issues by users


I'm trying to create a view to list issues by teams. To do so i'm creating a view that lists all the issues assigned to the users of the team (Assigned > In List > User1, User2, User 3)

This works pretty fine, but when there's more than one assignee to the issue (the field 'assigned to' is set as a multi choice) then the ticket is not displayed in the view.

Any tip to solve this issue?


More choices for font sizes in tasks descriptions and history

Right now it can be 100, 125 and 150 percents. Can this field be converted to simple textbox where user can enter font size in percents?

Minor Dutch (NL) translation fix

The string "Registraite toevoegen" should be "Registratie toevoegen".
This is uses as the header text for the "client/issues/addissue.php?type=2" page.
Also appears in 1.1.5 version

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