Development of WebIssues wouldn't be possible without your financial support. If you like WebIssues and want to support it, become a sponsor and receive recognition and visibility in the Open Source community. We will also greatly appreciate all donations and code contributions that help us make WebIssues better.

Here you can find the current list of Sponsors.

You can make donations using PayPal account or credit card, using the following link:


You can become a sponsor of WebIssues by simply donating $100 or more. A link to your website will be displayed on the Sponsors page. The sponsorship will last for one year, after which you can extend the sponsorship period with a new payment.

The following sponsorship levels are available:

  • Platinum Sponsor
    • $500 or more (per year)
    • Logo (up to 300 x 175 px) link to your website and short description.
  • Gold Sponsor
    • $250 or more (per year)
    • Logo (up to 175 x 100 px) link to your website and short description.
  • Silver Sponsor
    • $100 or more (per year)
    • Text link to your website.

You will also be permitted to indicate that you are the project sponsor in any promotional materials, and to use the WebIssues logo for that purpose.

Note that we are willing to implement additional features in exchange for the donation, upon earlier agreement. If the feature is openly available and generally useful, you will also become a sponsor, and in addition to the Sponsors page, you will also be featured in the release notes in the News section and on the main page. Feel free to contact (mimec at mimec org) for further information.


For the Open Source community, code contributions are as important as the financial ones. If you have PHP or C++ coding skills and some free time, participate in the WebIssues project and implement new features. If you make a large, openly available contribution, you may also be featured on the Sponsors page.


If you donate $25 or more, you can have your name listed on the Sponsors page, without a time limit.

If you have any questions, please contact (mimec at mimec org).

Note that all donations go directly to the maintainer of the WebIssues project. The WebIssues Team is not a charity organization in the legal sense. Sponsorship is a form of advertising, not a charitable contribution.