Third beta of WebIssues Client 0.9.2

This release introduces one new feature: proxy support for Internet connections. It should work with HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies with no authentication and username/password authentication. Please test it if you can and report any potential bugs and problems. In addition a number of important bug were fixed, some memory leaks were removed and a few minor usability issues were solved.

The number of recent bug fixes and improvements was so high that I decided to release one more beta version before the release candidate. My goal is to have a final 0.9.2 release by the end of the year and I'm going to focus mainly on testing and fixing bugs. In fact this beta release should already be much more stable than the 0.9.1 version :). Also thanks to everyone who volunteered to translate the application, I'll send you the translation files as soon as the RC version is ready; if anyone else would like to join, you're welcome.