Select and Insert IssueIDs into text field

I have manually created a new folder type named Releases. Its purpose is to have a log of an application's Releases. While working with that, it occurred to me that it would be very convenient if there was a way, when posting Comments or writing the Description of an Issue to massively select and insert the numbers of existing Issues in the text of those fields.

An idea on how this could be implemented is to have a button near the Description/Comments fields which when pressed, it would display a list of all Issues in one or more folders, the user would select them (via a checkbox in the left of each line) and press OK to enter their IssueIDs into the text of the Description/Comments field.

Re: Select and Insert IssueIDs into text field

It is a good idea, but it's not very easy to implement. The list of issues to pick would most likely need full search and sort capabilities in order to be usable.