WebIssues Client 0.9.2 (stable) released

After four months of development, three beta versions and one release candidate, the first stable version of the WebIssues Desktop Client is now officially released. The third stage of development is considered complete and in the nearest future there will be no new releases (except for bugfix releases if needed). But please keep posting ideas and suggestions, because I'm planning to return to developing WebIssues by the end of this year - the best is yet to come :).

The main new feature of this release is the so called 'folder watches' which allow to display summary information about total, new and modified issues matching given filter criteria is selected folders. In addition new and modified issues are marked with a colored dot icon. This makes tracking changes and collaboration significantly easier.

Other features are: importing and exporting client settings associated with a server, proxy support for Internet connections, new improved UI style on Windows (similar to Office 2003) and a lot of other visual and functional improvements. The program was more thoroughly tested and many bugs were fixed in order to reach the stable phase of development. In addition, Spanish, Russian and Polish translations were created - many thanks to the translators :). Finally, the project switched to qmake as build tool for simplicity and now supports MS Visual C++ on Windows.