client <-> server protocol

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2006-09-22

I know that it could be too late but why not to use SOAP for client and server comunication? I know that it would be more network traffic but that's way if you want to get some data and integrate some part in other applications it's the easiest way as there is SOAP libraries avieable for nearly all programming languages and it easier and faster to implement SOAP based calls than to implement new protocol. Just an idea. Anyway as I like a project idea I could help, if help is needed?

I considered using SOAP but I decided that for now it's not necessary and it would only make the whole code more complicated, for example handling file uploads and downloads etc. If there is a need to integrate the system with other applications, some support can obviously be added, but I think it's best to design it for specific needs.

Of course any help will be very appreciated, so if you are interested please contact me directly via e-mail.