Submitted by fullmetalcoder on 2007-06-28

I used to use the package version of WebIssues but then I changed my Qt version and for some reasons the package did not build well so I did a SVN checkout and build from there. Until then, no problem (apart from path stuff but this was up to me ;) ).

I logged in on my server, saw that someone had posted an issue and wanted to answer it but... Bad luck : the comment window is wicked... it appears but without any text edit...

I tried looking into the sources to find what could cause this... I didn't found anything so I'm desperately waiting for a commit that would fix this...




It's a known issue in the SVN version. All right, it required adding a single line to fix, so I already fixed it :).

I'm just wondering why the package didn't build for you. I didn't change anything in the CMakeLists as far as I remember, so if the SVN version builds, so should the package. Anyway - it's nice to hear that you managed to build it :).