Email notifications

Submitted by hlamer on 2008-11-10

It's will be good, if WI will have one very important feature - email notifications about changes in the issues.
If someone assigned bug to me, he must notify me by mail, irc or some other way about it.
Of course I can check WI self, but, project is not very active, and I not check it every day, so, user can wait long time before he will get some response


Edited later:
I can see, that email notifications already announced, so, waiting.
Will be glad to be a tester

Yes, it's currently work in progress. If everything goes well I'm planning to release the first beta version next week, it will be nice if you test it.

Just note that the implementation of email notifications will be very simple. You will be able to "subscribe" a folder and get notifications about all newly created issues. You will be also able to subscribe an individual issue and receive notifications when it's changed. For now there will be no filtering, so it won't be possible to receive notifications when an issue matches some criteria (for example is assigned to you).

But I think this should be still quite usable. You can receive notifications about all new issues and then decide which are important to you and subscribe them so you know when something changes.


Everything except the actual cron script which sends the emails. It's 95% done and I'll commit it as soon as I finish testing it.


Do next versions will support automatic subscription on issues, which user edited
(maybe, it's better to do it in the client)

and notifications about assignment event
(maybe it's will be done on server side)

Automatic subscription - that's a good idea, it can be done client-side (of course in a configurable way). Added to the TODO.

Notifications about assignment - like I said, there will be no server-side filtering, so for now it won't be possible. Obviously this could be done using a 'custom' script run periodically by cron, but it's not easy to do it in a completely generic way.


Do now user can see, which users is subscribed to issue?

How about make list of subscribed users, subscribed to issue, configurable?
1) User can see this list, and know, who is subscribed.

2) We don't need server side autosubscription.
When user asign bug to someone - he will add someone to subsctiption list of this bug automaticaly.

3) Will be possible to add to subscription list any user, not only person, on which issue is assigned.

It's just idea, and I not sure it's good idea, I don't know WI architecture good.


Initially I was considering such mechanism. However making the subscription editable by any user would be a bit dangerous, not mentioning adding "external" mail addressed to it. I think it's better if a user decides what to subscribe to on his own.

In order to see what bugs are assigned to you it's still best to log in to WI from time to time (or keep it running in the background) and use folder watches with a filter. Notifications are just meant to help keep track of selected, most important issues (for example a bug you cannot reproduce which requires more information). It's more or less how a web forum works - you subscribe to selected threads.


> In order to see what bugs are assigned to you it's still best to log in to
> WI from time to time (or keep it running in the background) and use
> folder watches with a filter.

For example, Monkey Studio project have bugs not so often, and bugs, assigned to me - once per few month. It's not makes sense for me to keep WI always loaded, for see this one bug :-/