Manually change the read/unread states of issues/folders

Submitted by pasnox on 2009-01-07

When installing web issues on a fresh computer ( or another one ) i need to be able to restore the read/unread state of issues.
Currently when i add watche folders on a fresh install all items remain unread and i have no choices except open each issue one second and close them .... it's terribly boring.
So i think a "set as" "read/unread" state action for folders/issues will be a really great feature without breaking anything in the protocol !

Regards, P@sNox,

You can copy the watch.cache file from the old computer to the new one in order to preserve read/unread state of issues. You can find it in the cache directory (usually ~/.cache on Linux or ~\Local Settings\Application Data on Windows).

I'm adding the 'set as read/unread' command to the TODO list for 0.9.5.


It would be nice that the read/unread state could be backuped in a table, this will make it really cross desktops/computers.

I think a schema like this one could be used :

Table ReadState :
int issue id
int user id
bool read state ( read = true, else false )

I think this will break the current protocol, but i will really like to have such feature as i often change computer/os/desktop.


Yes, it's a good idea for the future. The state of issues could then be shared between desktop client and other clients (for example, web client).

In the next few weeks I will create a portable version of the WebIssues Client which can be run for example from a USB stick. It will automatically backup the configuration, state of issues, etc. It will only work on Windows, but I think it's also a good solution for people frequently working on different computers.



I tested tha last rc1 of the version 0.94.
I see you added the feature of marking current issues read/unread only for issues.
It will be great to have a new one for marking "all issues" in a time, this feature could be add to add in the issues context menu, or into the project explorer one.

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It is possible to change the state of all currently displayed issues (based on filer/search criteria) using the 'Mark All Issues as New/Read' command from 'Edit' menu.



Effectively, i had not see it ! Concretly, how many user use Edit menu for context menu action ?
I think it will be best to have it in the context menu too.
Btw i found a state bug, folders that contains no unread issues are marked unread ( yellow circle is present ).

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Support for all relating Qt4 project type (php-qt, pyqt, qmake/c++) with powerfull plugin system.
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