User columns

Submitted by pedro_morgan on 2009-04-11

(Some observations have been mention elsehwere in forum)

Active Users:
A couple of my users keep mentioning that they want to de-activate users in the following scenarios:
* people who have left the organisation - need to be deleted
* people who are away - so do not need to appear in current "assign to etc"

After some thought, maybe the problem could be resolved by adding a new column to the users table, maybe named active - with the following values.
* 0 = user has left organiation. Does not appear in selections but records kept as archive
* 1 = user is on holiday/deactivated/sick. Does not appear in selections
* 2 = user is active on system and appears in selection
Disabling Login would still be done by switchin the Access Level to "none".

Its an idea.

Could the email column be moved to the users table? Seems the obvious place to me; its a critical art of the users credentials, particularily as its a web application. This would make interogatting the database from other applications much easier also.

WebIssues within WebIssues:
Looking at most CRM/Contact systems, the contact/users information can be vast - eg company, DOB, dept, office tel, ext, mobile, home no, pets name, wife, mistress etc. Maybe this funtionallity could be added to the users in Webissues.

This could easily be achieved by creating a "System Users Type", and then attaching this to the users table. Ie Using Webissues within Webissues. (Maybe call it a "WinIssue").

This would be extremely handy imho, as any organisation would be able to craft the "Type" to their special requirements. But as a starter would expect the following "default fields"
* Company
* Dept
* Branch
* Mobile
* Office No
* Job Title
* My_company_ref_no

Hope it makes sense

Pedro :-)