empty e-mail notifications

Submitted by kas_appeal on 2009-04-27

I'm running the server and all works ok excep the e-mails notifications.
I receive the e-mail notifications after the any modification or after a new issue created, but the e-mail notifications are empty.

I've tried with both templates (plain and html).
Someone knows something about this?

Thank you very much (and sorry my english, i'm spanish).

Can you paste the header of the recieved email here.. MINUS the confidential stuff as required.



That makes sense. The cron task doesn't necessarily set current directory to that of the php file. I think this should be fixed in the next release. And there should be an error logged if the file doesn't exist (btw, the log file probably also requires full path, right?). Thanks a lot for reporting this problem.



I seem to have the same problem. I've set the script up on a dedicated server running Ubuntu, the system will send out an e-mail but has no subject or content I have changed the path to the full path.

this is a copy of the error log

[2009-09-xx 10:21:26, xx.xx.xx.xx]
WARNING in /home/x/x/xxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/include/templates.inc.php(15):
file(http://www.update.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/templates/notify-html.template): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

WARNING in /home/x/x/xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/include/templates.inc.php(22):
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
WARNING in /home/x/x/xxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/include/database-mysql.inc.php(29):
Missing argument 3 for wi_db_escape_arg(), called in /home/u/p/xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/include/database.inc.php on line 126 and defined



Nice work

I had the same exact problem and resolved it by modifying the path in the config/config.inc.php file to the templates:


// e-mail template to use for notifications
//$config[ 'notify_template' ]  = 'templates/notify-plain.template';
$config[ 'notify_template' ]  = '/var/www/html/wi/templates/notify-plain.template';

As well as the require_once references in the cron.php just for good measure.


require_once( '/var/www/html/wi/include/database.inc.php' );
require_once( '/var/www/html/wi/include/protocol.inc.php' );
require_once( '/var/www/html/wi/include/validation.inc.php' );
require_once( '/var/www/html/wi/include/templates.inc.php' );
require_once( '/var/www/html/wi/include/mail.inc.php' );

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike

Thanks for that. I've changed the paths as suggested and it did the trick.

Best Regards


Hello Mike

Thanks for that. It did the trick!

Best Regards