Gant Diagram

Submitted by nards on 2009-06-16

Hello All,
i really like WebIssues and i'm using it to manage a small group of developer tasks.

It could be very usefull to have a Gant diagram to fast show developer activities or history of developed tasks.

What about it ? It's already planned for a new release ?


I've been thinking about various reports and graphs, including Gantt diagrams, for quite a long time. However the main priority is now to design and start working on version 1.0 of the server and the web client, so it may take some time until I get to this point.


I would agree that a gantt chart would be great but full integration with multiple software using plug-ins would be the best, you could output some data in an MS project readable format. that and integration with sage project costing and Sugar CRM projects.

BTW, I really like your software, its good stuff.