Two Requests : an issue can move to another folder and the fill in box "text"

Submitted by Charles Santucci on 2009-07-19

First, let me tell you webissues is a very nice tool : simple and well built!

I have two suggestions/requests:
first, an issue can not be moved to another folder and it's a shame because I would have expected it possible.
second, the text attribute allows only for a one line fill in box. A standard attribute is "description" and it requires a multi-lines box to be easely used.

That's it ! And I like the portable version! It's a real advantage of the tool.



Thanks :). Moving (and deleting) issues will be definitely implemented in version 1.0. When it comes to multi-line attributes... it is a commonly requested feature and I think I will implement them in version 1.0 and extend the maximum length to 255 or more characters, but I still have the opinion that you should use comments for longer texts, not attributes.


I also wanted to move an item to another folder. Looking at the database schema, it seems pretty simple from the backend. It looks as though you should be able to simply update the folder_id field in the issues table. However, I have done this and the client app doesn't seem to see my changes.

Is there some caching going on? (I have not actually looked into the PHP code.)

UPDATE: After I added NEW issues to the new folder, all of my 'moved' issues suddenly appeared. I suppose this indicates some sort of update issue within the UI.

Well, thanks for the hint ;). If it was trivial I would have done that a long time ago, trust me. Complex caching mechanism makes WebIssues many times faster than other applications but it puts some limitations as well.