New User role "public user" & possibility for creating tickets

Submitted by motb on 2011-12-06


I just found that great piece of software and love that clean and easy design.
But I found two things that would be nice to have:

It would be a great thing if there could be a new user role (I'd call it "public").
The Permission for that user must be
+ create a ticket
+ view ticket(s) created by that user
+ add comments
+ recieve alerts (change of status, new comment, ticket closed/resolved)

In most cases an enduser will find a bug and want's to report it - that is at the moment not possible.

Also it would be nice if there would be a read only access level.
e.g. for project leaders - that they can have a look at open tickets but can't change anything.


These are very good ideas for the future, but for now only a very simple mechanism of permissions exists in WebIssues.


Hi Daniel (motb),

I think what you are looking for is more ticketing system, WebIssues at the moment is (in my opinion) is at the best for team collaboration, meaning you should be able to trust all who has an access to the system. I am using WebIssues to track workload and get immediate feedback of on-going cases.

I would recommend you looking for example OSTicket, , if you are willing to spend some $$$, I have heard ZenDesk and Kayako are very popular. I am using OSTicket at work, combined with Reports mod from Users can report new issues, gets an alert, can add comments, follow-ups, can add attachments, etc.

However, if you want to achieve this with WebIssues,, you could think setup like this:
- Create new folders & users, make them that they can only access their own folder
- You can always clone/move tickets around between folders
- For project leader, you can create custom view and export as HTML / PDF / CSV


I totally agree with Jeans. WebIssues aims to be a general purpose team collaboration tool, and as such it has some unique features; at the expense of not being able to provide some of the features that specialized programs have; for example ticketing systems, project management systems, etc.

That said, WebIssues is definitely going to evolve, and I'd like to see such features, as those that you described, being a part of it. Keep in mind, however, that it's a non profit, mostly single-person open source project, and I can only spend as much time on it as my other duties allow me to.


Dear Michał, dear Jeans!

Thanks for your response.
What I'am looking for is not a helpdesk system. At work we already use a system like that.

The reason why I like webissues is, because it's simple and clean.
I also tried bugzilla and other large systems but they are too complex for the things I need to have.

I totally understand if you say that will never be part of webissues because there are many other things that are more important. And of course I know how much time of work you'll invest into that project.

Maybe I'll write a tiny php script that users can create and view issues by there own. Just a stand alone script that directly access' the database.^