[Request] Dashboard

Submitted by lamy on 2012-07-09

having to click on several projects with multiple folders to check for new issues is quite tedious, it would help to have a dashboard showing the total number of issues depending on an attribute

at the moment i am using this to list down all Active and Resolved issues

count(i.issue_id) as cnt
from issues i,
attr_values a_v,
folders f,
projects p
i.issue_id = a_v.issue_id
and a_v.attr_value in ('Active', 'Resolved')
and i.folder_id = f.folder_id
and f.project_id = p.project_id
group by p.project_name, f.folder_name

also, it would help to see the total unread issues for each folder (similar to outlook when new messages are received)

i made a quick query based on what i can see on the tables but its incomplete, it will only work if there is a record in the issue_states table

select count(i.issue_id) 
from issues i,
issue_states i_s
where i.issue_id = i_s.issue_id
and i_s.read_id is null
and i_s.user_id = 3

Note that you can use alerts to see the number of issues matching various criteria, but this only currently works in the desktop client.