Submitted by ArnorBld on 2012-09-03

Hi guys,

After two days of working with WebIssues, here is a short list of ideas/suggestions/requests:

1. The filter on the issue history isn't saved from one issue to another. Normally I'm only interested in teh Comments. With only 10 issues showing, the window completely fills my 26" 1920x1280 monitor so I can only see one line of comment at the bottom. It would be really nice for this filter setting to stick.

2. It would be really nice to be able to either create subfolders or view all issues at the project level.

3. Being able to edit the emails sent out to clients would be nice. I can go into the php files and edit them, but some online editor would be cool (not a big deal)

4. It would be nice to be able to determine on the project level if a user needs admin authorization. I have projects that are basically public and it would be nice to set them up so people can just register and then log in and don't have to wait for me to authorize them to post. If there is an option for that I haven't found it (even at global level)

I really like WebIssues and it's easy to work with and pretty straight forward. You are doing an excellent job with this!

Best regards,
Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC