Remember password not working

Submitted by mvrx on 2012-11-16

Hello guys,

Thanks for a great piece of free software.

I want to report a bug and ask for some features :

Bug - Each time I close/reopen or restart the PC, the Desktop client is asking me for the password,
even though I checked the "Remember password" option.

Feature request 1 - Create a "dropdown list" for the Issue Status (or/and add options for Active, Resolved, Closed options if you right click on an issue in the list)
Right now, you have to "Edit Attributes" of an issue to change its status.

Feature request 2 - Add a "led icon" in the front of the issues. (e.g. Red for Active, Yellow for Resolved, Green for Closed). It will be easier to visually track the issues when you have a lot in your list.

Thanks a lot!


It's been almost a month and nobody cares to reply.

Sorry about that.

I cannot reproduce the problem with remembering the password and no one else reported it. How are you reopening the last connection, by double clicking, or automatically?

I don't really understand your first feature request. You can already create a drop-down attribute with the status, so what's the problem?

Marking issues with different colors based on various conditions is already planned for a future version.


Hello Michal,

Sorry, I forgot to specify that I'm using a SSL connection :

If using the non-SSL URL, the remember password is working.

Regarding the first Feature Request, I was referring to the main window list. Currently, you have to open the issue to apply changes. A drop down will speed things a bit :
Click an issue in the list, select the Status dropdown, set to Closed/Active etc.

Thanks for your attention.