Feature Request: Convert issue type

Submitted by Yvan Rodrigues on 2013-02-20

I think I saw someone else request this and at the time it didn't make sense.

The idea is the ability to change the TYPE of an issue.

Now that I am adding the inbound e-mail gateway, issues are more likely to accidentally be added to the wrong folder, or even the wrong project.

Obviously the issue would need to be stripped of its original attributes and given the default attributes of its new type.

If I have time, I may work on this in March.

I will think about it. It's technically possible, but it must be done in such way that the issue history is correctly maintained and can be incrementally updated in the Desktop Client.


Such a feature would really be welcome. If that would be too difficult, perhaps it would at least be possible to change the type while cloning an issue. That wouldn't be a perfect solution but it would help.


I would really like to see this feature. With the Email gateway, issues are always in the wrong project and type. moving them to a different Project is possible but the type is still the same and cannot be changed.

Is there already a way i missed, or is it still only a request for this feature?


What about converting only issues if no attributes would be deleted.

So the new issue type must have all the same fields (and optionaly more) then the old type. That way no data gets lost while convertion.

To be honest this is one of the most important things for me at the moment.

Would you be willing to implement this or give me some hint on how I could implement it on my own and if you want deliver the changes back to you?

I can give you access to the SVN - you just need an account on SourceForge - and create a branch where you could implement it. I will then be able to incorporate this into the next release.