WebIssues for project management?

Submitted by mediatack on 2013-03-15

Webissues is a great tool, many thanks for this great work.

We are also developers and can well understand the work behind it.
We have a question about working with webissues.

Is there a setting option for the following workflow:

      1. Customer sends a new task or new bug directly to the project manager
      2. Only the project manager can distribute these tasks or problems to other project members

    kind regards

    You could set up two separate projects. One would be accessible to the customer and the other only to the project members. The problem manager would then move issues created by customers to the internal project.


    Thank you for your solution

    However, even then, in the time the ticket is no longer in view of the creator. Only when the ticket is moved back.

    Is there a possibility to preselect the user selector like [Manager] ?


    You can set the default value of an attribute to a specific value, but the user will be able to modify the default value. Currently WebIssues has no restrictions for editing attributes.