[SOLVED]WebIssues-Server XAMPP wont istall

Submitted by barkermn01 on 2013-04-02


i'm not using XAMPP mysql i'm using MySQL Community Server downloaded form mysql.com
I'm trying to setup and when i get to "Configure your Web Issues Server" i fill out all my server details and get "Database does not support InnoDB storage which is required by Web Issues Server."

I have been inside install.php and commented out the following code,

<?php if ( !$connection->getParameter( 'have_innodb' ) ) {
                    $this->form->setError( 'connection', $this->tr( 'Database does not support InnoDB storage which is required by WebIssues Server.' ) );
                    return false;
                } ?>

This fixes the problem i'm having with the DB check once i run though the reset of the setup though i get a message saying "Unexpected Error", upon checking the DB the query's worked all tables are inserted correctly but there is no config.php created i have tried to find a copy of the config.php i can copy and change with my setting but this work work any help would be usefull

Found the problem:
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\bugz\system\db\mysqli\engine.inc.php on line 99

On another note i have check and my Database is fully supporting InnoDB