[BUG] Not possible to create public alert from desktop client

Submitted by mferrer on 2013-11-13

I just upgrade my server and my desktop client (both running under linux) to 1.1 version, and the creation of public alerts from desktop client does not work as expected.

When I try to create a Public Alert from desktop client, the alert is created, but with "Public Alert" flag set to "NO". If I try to create the same alert from web client it works

The Desktop client are compiled from sources

Congrats to developer for this software and thanks for the support

Edit: upon public alert creation, the server log shows:

Event Details
Type: 	Errors
Severity: 	Warning Warning
Date: 	2013/11/13 15:12
Message: 	PHP Warning: Missing argument 5 for System_Api_AlertManager::addAlert(), called in /var/www/html/webissues/server/actions.inc.php on line 841 and defined in /var/www/html/webissues/system/api/alertmanager.inc.php on line 314
User name: 	******
Host name: 	***.**.**.***

You're right, thanks for reporting this. I'll fix it in the next patch release.