persian requests

Submitted by microsap on 2014-04-03

special thanks for web Issues
it is very useful
i want to translate and create a custom web issues for persian language and after that arabic language
now I have three requests
1- how can i change right to left alignment for all of the web issues's page and object like text box and labels
2- how can i change page's color and style?
3- i want create a new setup file for windows client for install a custom setting after install

wish success

You can change the layout to right-to-left by modifying the main CSS file (common/theme/style.css). Adding "direction: rtl;" to the html element will mostly do the trick, but you will probably also have to change the alignment of some floating elements etc.

The colors and styles can also be changed by modifying the CSS file.

What custom setting do you want to change in the client? Generally the sources of the installer are included in the source package of the client. You can modify them and use NSIS Unicode to create the new installer. Obviously you won't be able to sign code using my personal certificate, but other than that everything should work.


so thanks
i want to change the alignment of text boxes and labels in web issues software in windows (WebIssues Desktop Client )
and some custom settings like default language and start up setting for example show main page at start up=never and ...
wish success

In order to change the alignment of the UI in the Desktop Client you would have to modify the code and call QApplication::setLayoutDirection() during the startup.

If you create a Persian translation for WebIssues, I will add right-to-left layout to both the Web Client and Desktop Client in order to support it.


i translated it locally
and it is redy to use for desktop client(webissues_client.ts)
can i use it for web ?( webissues_server.ts)

some words must change beacause in persian a word can translate to very persian means
some of then must be change
please add persian language to dektop client and in afew days belonge to translate
the best translate for persian
i can send it for you
please tell me your email address

wish success

it is done
please create installation for persian language for this
can i use this file for server?
wish success

Thanks, but I can only include it in the next release if it's 100% complete.


Special thanks
Can i help you?
Or can you help me to develop web issue?

hi michel
special thanks for RTL tag

all of my comment is in RTL mode
and i have to add RTL to all of my comments
can i set RTL in default mode of text boxes for comment?
or add rtl to all of my comment automatic?
wish success

As I said before, I'm planning to add full RTL support to both clients in the future, including support for RTL localization and changing the default mode of comments. For now the [rtl] tag was the simplest thing I could do :).