Submitted by Creepy on 2015-05-01

We've just installed Webissues and it really looks awesome.
It has a very convenient operation compared to other products like Redmine or others.
Installation is very well documented and a child's play.

But I miss one feature: Setting up usergroups.
I found several posts here from 2013, but I'm not sure if it is actually implemented.

What we need most is to limit a usergroup to change the task status.

We have a group of software testers, let's call it "Tester", that should only be able to set the (self-designed) status of a task
for example from "To be tested" to "Dev OK" or "Reopen", but not able to change the other statuses like
"Accepted", "Active", "Closed", etc.
Those should be reserved for admins or development managers.

Can we do that somehow with the actual version (1.1.3)?

Thanks a lot for that great tool!
*thumbs up*