Is the number of [Dropdown list items] limited?

Submitted by mst on 2015-07-01

Dear Michal,
first of all: Thank you very much for this nice piece of software!

I tried to [Add Attribute] to the existing [Bug] Issue type. I add the Attribute "room"
[Type]: Dropdown list
[Required] no

I changed [Attribute Details]. I pressed the [Edit] and added 140 entries to the field [Dropdown list items]. These are ca. 3000 characters.
After 10 seconds I got an error message: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

There is *no* visible logged event in Administration Panel » Event Log >>Errors
Nothing matching in "php_error.log" or "apache_error.log".

If I used a shorter list with 5 list items everything went fine.

How can I use a list with 140 items?

Kind regards,

Thanks for reporting this problem. I was able to reproduce it, although in my case I was able to add 2000 items (over 22,000 characters); with 2500 items the PHP crashed. It looks like a PHP bug, I will have to dig into it - perhaps I will be able to find a workaround. So far I only checked that the PHP memory limit setting doesn't affect this.


I just found that the reason of the crash was a stack overflow caused by a complex regular expression operating on a long string. This is a common issue in PHP. Since increasing the stack size of the web server is not always possible, I modified the code so that it uses a much simpler regular expression. I successfully tested it with 10,000 items. This fix will be included in version 1.1.4 which I'm planning to release soon.

I also found that the Desktop Client was also crashing with huge drop down lists (for a different reason) and this problem will also be fixed in version 1.1.4.