1.1.4 - "Command failed: Request could not be processed"

Submitted by paul2013 on 2015-08-12

I've been using webissues for a while and upgraded it a few times without a problem.
After the last update (1.1.4) I can't upload using the website or the desktop client anymore,
the error is : "Command failed: Request could not be processed".

From the client code:
if ( m_errorCode >= 400 ) {
switch ( m_errorCode ) {
case 403:
return tr( "File could not be uploaded" );
return tr( "Request could not be processed" );

It doesn't matter how big the file is, even tiny files will fail.

Since this installation had been working for a while on older versions I don't know where to look
for, here are my php settings anyways:

upload_max_filesize: 25
upload_tmp_dir: C:\Windows\temp

Any help is much appreciated.

Answer: I was configuring PHP per website on IIS and after updating it something went bad and the config went invalid, I opened IIS and changed the value of max upload to 50M and it worked again.

upload_max_filesize = 50M
post_max_size = 55000000