Unable to install WebIssues :-(

Submitted by regis92 on 2016-12-14


I try to install WebIssues on a Debian server ... but i can't :-(
(i am a beginner on Linux...)

I created my MySql database and then i tried two kinds of installation :

1. First try :
. I opened a SSH session and I made a : sudo apt-get install webissues-server into my root ditectory
. I got a /etc/webissues-server folder with only 2 files : debian-db.php and config.inc.php
Then... ???

2. Second try :
. I unpacked : http://http.debian.net/debian/pool/main/w/webissues-server/webissues-server_0.8.5-3.debian.tar.gz
. And i uploaded all the files on the server.
But i don't see any setup file...

Thanks a lot for your help !


Thanks for your answer.

I'have seen these instructions but.....

This is my folder after installation on my server :

But if I open the URL http://mydomain.com/webissues/ ... i can see only an error !

Thanks again :)