Moving an issue

Submitted by NA on 2017-03-01

When moving an issue, a new window appears where you select the destination folder and then press OK or Cancel accordingly. When the window opens, the focus is on the folders combo which is very convenient. You can select the folder by using the Up/Down cursor keys. What would be great is if pressing Enter (while the focus is on the folder combo), the page acted as if OK was pressed.

OK, to be clear, i'm talking about the web client here. I don't know how the Windows client behaves.

You're right, it seems that the browser (at least Chrome, I didn't check other browsers) just opens the drop-down instead of submitting the form when you press enter. I wasn't even aware of that :). Probably there's a JavaScript hack to change this, but I'm not sure if overriding default behavior is a good idea. You can always press tab and then enter.


>> You can always press tab and then enter.

Yup, but in addition to not having a multiple-issues-moving mechanism, having to move several issues between folders, this little issue makes it even harder.

BTW, i've experienced this behavior under Firefox.