Multiple issues creation

Submitted by NA on 2019-01-08


In light of the upcoming (hopefully within 2019) release of WI 2.0, i would like to mention something here that has come up from my experience with the current version. We have a small development team (3 devs) and 4-5 testers. When an app is under development, it is absolutely normal for several issues to emerge while performing internal tests. My testers tend to either send an email containing multiple issues, or create a single issue in WI containing all bugs again in a bulletted list because they feel it would take less time than entering them in WI. It would be very useful if in WI 2.0, one could somehow allow the creation of multiple issues by giving some default values for some fields and fill some others (i.e. titles and descriptions) in a way that multiple issues could be created from them.