PHP 7 and version 2 from github

Submitted by Odie77 on 2019-02-20


I know that version 2 is not supported or anything yet and still very much work in progress, I just had 2 queries

1) I've installed it fine but once I login I just get a blank page? It accepts my username and password fine

2) Is there a desktop client that works with version 2?

Thanks in advance!

If you get a blank page then you probably didn't build the JS and CSS assets using the npm run build command.

Version 2 has a desktop client based on Electron, it's created automatically when you build WebIssues. You can run it using the npm start command.


Thanks, I thought I had as I had to install the webpack but i obviously didnt complete it


The only issue I have now is with the WebIssues client app just says "An Internal server error occurred" when i enter the Server URL?

Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment while removing spam from the website :). I'm not sure what's causing this error, version 2 is work in progress so some things may be broken. Unfortunately the error log is not implemented yet so it's hard to say what's wrong without looking into the database.