Remove link between project folder and issue type

Submitted by mkas on 2022-02-19

Is it possible to remove links between the project folders and a requirement for an issue type?

We want to be able to put any issue type into a project folder, and not have to have a different folder for each one.

For example, we have a public and private app we have written, in our folder structure we want to be able to have:

  • Project: App
    • Folder 1: Public App
      • Issue 1 (Bug)
      • Issue 2 (Feature)
      • Issue 3 (Task)
    • Folder 2: Private App
      • Issue 4 (Bug)
      • Issue 5 (Feature
      • Issue 6 (Task)



It's not possible to have multiple types of issues in one folder. But perhaps if those three types of issues have similar attributes, you could use one generic type of issue, and distinguish bugs, features and tasks using a drop-down attribute?