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Submitted by mimec on 2008-06-09

Just like I promised, I'm returning to developing WebIssues. At the moment I'm extracting reusable components from the WebIssues Client code and writing documentation and demo applications for them. They are available in the Articles section of my website. One is already published and a few more will be added soon. I will also partially update the WebIssues Wiki.

The roadmap for stage 4 of development is more or less complete. I'm planning to release two versions of the client and one version of the sever, preceded by some beta releases, within the next six months. Most of the new features will be client-side improvements, except the email notifications. For now there will be no significant changes to the database or the protocol.

One more thing - the WebIssues Client participates in the second edition of the Qt Centre Programming Contest and I hope that it will be an opportunity to gain some publicity in the open source community. The contest will end on September 30th. Keep your fingers crossed :).