Server 0.8.4-beta1 and Client 0.9.4-beta1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2008-11-18

I'm proud to announce that the first beta releases of both new server and new client are available. This is the first release that introduces new server-side functionality for a very long time, and the first one which includes both new server and client versions.

The focus of this release is e-mail notifications which are sent when new issues are created in selected folders and when selected issues are modified. Users can individually configure notifications using the new user preferences feature. Both the server and the client are fully backward compatible with previous versions, but to use the new features of the server you also need the new client.

In order to enable e-mail notifications on the server, a cron job (or scheduled task on Windows) must be created which periodically executes the cron.php script. In addition, an SMTP server must be available on the server which can be used by the built-in PHP mail function. In the next release, another mailing engine able to connect to an external SMTP will be added. E-mails are created using a simple template engine; two templates for plain-text and HTML e-mails are available; they can also be used to create custom templates.

When notifications are configured on the server, each users can enter an e-mail address and enable notifications in the user preferences (administrators can also modify preferences of all users). Then notifications for individual folders and issues can be enabled or disabled (indicated by a gray square with white 'N' letter).