Server 0.8.4-beta2 and Client 0.9.4-beta2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2009-01-10

Second beta releases of both the server and the client are available. In the WebIssues Server, the SMTP mailing engine was added which allows sending e-mail notifications using an external SMTP server (for example gmail). Another important improvement is support for the Firebird database (thanks to Alex Bekhtin for sharing his code); it should probably work with InterBase too, although only Firebird 2.1 was tested. Please test those new engines if you can and report any problems.

In the WebIssues Client, support for e-mail notifications was extended with the possibility to enable automatic notifications for modified issues in selected folders. In addition, command line options for overriding default file and directory locations were implemented, allowing to create a USB-portable version of the application (which will be available soon). Finally, handling SSL certificates was improved and a few bugs were fixed.