WebIssues 1.0-alpha3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2010-12-14

The third alpha version of WebIssues Server and Client 1.0 was released today. This version introduces server-side tracking of the read/unread state of issues. Alerts, which replace the idea of folder watches from the stable version, are based on views and allow tracking new and modified issues matching any criteria. Email notifications can be sent for selected alerts with recent modifications or summary reports.

This release complements all features available in the stable version, so version 1.0 now has the same functionality as version 0.9.7, although with many significant improvements. As with all alpha versions, it can only be used for testing purposes, because there is no possibility of updating from an older version or to a newer one. The last area still to be done is moving/deleting issues and editing/deleting comments and attachments; after that version 1.0 will start the beta stage where updating is supported. The source and installation packages for this release can be downloaded from the Development page.