WebIssues 1.0-rc1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-12-12

Finally, after over 2.5 years of development, I'm proud to announce the first Release Candidate version of WebIssues 1.0. You can download it from the Development page, but very soon it will become the official stable version. At this moment I'm planning no more changes, except for fixing any potential bugs found during the last round of testing. Please report any problems you find using the Forums.

I would like to thank everyone, without whom this great undertaking would be impossible: Francine, who helped me a lot with the Web Client and provided many great ideas; Patrick and Filipe and all other contributors and translators; my wife for finding bugs, suggesting improvements, and supporting me in many other ways; finally the entire community of users and beta testers, for providing feedback, ideas and criticism. I had a great time working on this project. Obviously, it's only version 1.0 and there's still a lot to be done. However, with 1,500 monthly downloads, many unique features, and being completely open source, I'm sure that WebIssues starts becoming a significant project.