WebIssues 1.0.3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2012-08-15

The third patch for WebIssues 1.0 was released with the following improvements, additions and bug fixes:

  • Thanks to the ongoing effort of the WebIssues community, two more translations are available - Dutch and Spanish.
  • A new user self-registration module is available which allows users to register themselves with approval of the administrator. To use it, make sure that sending e-mails is correctly configured and enable user registration in Server Settings. Refer to the manual for more information about this feature.
  • It is possible to manage projects for the selected user in the User Accounts area of the Administration Panel. This make it much easier to add a new user, check permissions of a user, and manage a server with many users and projects.
  • A bug related to filtering issues was fixed. Filtering worked incorrectly when an empty operand was used with numeric and date attributes; also there were problems creating such filter using the Desktop Client.

Note: Development of the user registration module was kindly sponsored by Tecnoarea. Thanks a lot!