WebIssues 1.1-rc1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2013-10-29

The release candidate of WebIssues version 1.1 is available for download. It adds a few very interesting and long awaited features:

  • Global lists of issues, displayed under the “All Projects” item, display all issues of a particular type (for example all bugs or tasks) in a single view, regardless of their project and folder. You no longer have to switch between folders if you have lots of them.
  • Anonymous access, which, combined with public projects, allows unregistered users to access selected issues in read-only mode without registration. User self-registration now has a special mode in which administrator's approval is not required and new users have immediate access to public projects.
  • Public alerts, which make it easier for system and project administrators to set up alerts and notifications for all users or project members. The schedule of summary notifications can now be configured separately for each alert.

This release also fixes several bugs, both from the previous 1.1 versions and those found in the latest 1.0.5 release. Although it's still a development version, it can be considered relatively stable, so you can already start updating your environments. The final version will be released in about two weeks from now.

Important Note: WebIssues is currently looking for translators to take over and update the no longer supported translations: French, German, Dutch and Chinese. New translations are also welcome. We are now using the Transifex online platform so no special tools are necessary to become a translator. See the WebIssues project page on Transifex and the Translation page in the WebIssues Wiki for more information.