WebIssues 1.1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2013-11-12

Version 1.1 of WebIssues is available for download. It adds many new features to WebIssues, including issue and project descriptions, text formatting, email inbox and subscriptions, global lists of issues, public alerts, anonymous access and more. Since it's impossible to describe everything in a short port, I created a video presentation showing the most important new features. If you've never used WebIssues, you can also learn how it works and looks like from this presentation:

The new server and client packages can be downloaded from the Downloads page. You can easily update your server from version 1.0 by following the steps described in the WebIssues manual. Note that the Desktop Client version 1.0 will not work with server version 1.1 and vice versa. You can install version 1.1 of the Desktop Client side-by-side with version 1.0, but in most cases you can simply uninstall the old version and install the new one after the server is updated.

I would like to use this opportunity to once again thank all contributors, translators and sponsors. Without your support creating this program would be impossible. Also big thanks to the entire WebIssues community, especially to those who reported bugs and feature suggestions on the forum; you help making WebIssues better.


your project is great I'm starting to use it I still have problems with the email notification to the creation of the issues, if I can not fix write in the forum, the project has two great qualities of simplicity and clients lack many things (mobile client, advanced reporting etc. ..) but I love it and I'm going to work for now in two ways given my poor skills programmatic

1 - Italian translation
2 - a new theme with the webclient introduction of responsive elements in css

to effectively make my collaboration let me know how to interact in the project, thanks and good luck for the project ...

please reject the request of translating italian by account 'assistenza' because I deleted this account and I've created another 'Giovanni_Petrella' i want begin the job thank you

you can reject the translation by account 'assistenza'? why o site is blocked on this choice and i can't begin the translation...