WebIssues 1.1.3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2015-03-11

The latest minor release of WebIssues adds the possibility to archive and unarchive existing projects. When a project is archived, it is completely hidden from the projects tree and all folders and issues stored in it become inaccessible. However, unlike deleted projects, archived projects can be easily restored when necessary. This feature is especially useful when you have many projects and some of them are obsolete, but you don't want to lose any information in case it becomes necessary to recover it.

This release also fixes a potential security vulnerability in the WebIssues Web Client which makes it possible to inject JavaScript code into the page using specially crafted drop down list items. Although there is no evidence that this vulnerability can be exploited in any way by users who don't already have full administration rights to the WebIssues system, it is recommended to update existing installations to the latest version.

Some other minor bugs were also fixed in this version, including changing project access by project administrators in the Web Client, populating user drop down lists in public projects in the Desktop Client, sorting folders in drop down lists in the Web Client and closing issue details after search in the Web Client.

Finally, thanks to the contributors to the WebIssues translation project, a Chinese translation was added to both the Web Client and the Desktop Client, and a Turkish translation is also available for the Web Client.