WebIssues 2.0.5 released

Submitted by mimec on 2022-12-30

This release adds support for OAuth authentication for both sending emails using an SMTP server and receiving emails using an IMTP server. This is especially useful when using an email server such as Microsoft Exchange. See the documentation for more information about enabling and configuring OAuth.

The WebIssues desktop application has been updated to version 21 of Electron. Note that because of stricter security in this version of Electron, the desktop application only works with the latest version the WebIssues server, and requires https connection.

The passwords stored in the database are now hashed using the native, more secure PHP mechanism. They will be automatically re-hashed upon login, so it's not necessary to change the existing passwords, as they will continue to work.

You can find the packages for the WebIssues server and desktop client on the Downloads page.