WebIssues Client 0.9.3-beta2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2008-09-10

This is the second beta release of version 0.9.3. The main focus of this release is improved compatibility of the new features with Qt version 4.3 and earlier. A custom print preview dialog was added which uses either standard Qt components available since version 4.4 or custom components when the standard ones are not available. In addition the look of reports with Qt versions before 4.4 was significantly improved.

I also made a few improvements related to the installation. I added a simple man page, originally written by Patrick Matthäi and extended by me. The generated makefiles now have support for DESTDIR, which makes creating packages easier, and the installation path of the manual was changed.

This is most likely the last beta release for this version. In October, when I return from my vacations, I'm planning to clean up the code a little bit (fix compilation warnings, update API documentation, etc.), maybe also extending the reporting engine a little bit, and publish a release candidate version.