WebIssues Client 0.9.5-beta2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2009-05-27

The second beta release of WebIssues Client 0.9.5 introduces a number of improvements related to usability. It is now possible to select and copy text in the issue details view and to change the layout of that view so that issue details are displayed side by side or above the history. That extends the possibility of customizing the layout of the UI and improves usability of the application, especially on machines with high resolution screens.

As requested by some users, the default sort order can now be permanently changed for issues of each type. A drop down calendar control was added to the field for editing date/time attributes and additional operators (such as contains, starts with, etc.) are now available when defining filter criteria for drop down attributes. Also a bug related to handling cookies, which occurs when the server sets more than one cookie, was fixed.

A number of futher improvements and minor bug fixes is planned for the release candidate version and the final 0.9.5 version should be available in Summer. In the meantime, as I recently announced on my home page, some work on version 1.0 of the server has already started. Visit our development web site for more information.