Winner of the Qt Centre Programming Contest 2008

Submitted by mimec on 2008-12-01

It was confirmed yesterday that the WebIssues Client is among the winners of the Qt Centre Programming Contest 2008 - the second edition of a contest for open source projects based on the Qt framework. It was given recognition by the jury for being "nice looking, complete and documented".

I'd like to thank the organizers for their effort in bringing the contest to an end despite the difficulties, and obviously the jury members and sponsors. I hope the contest will continue and will become a yearly tradition; the open source community definitely needs such events. Finally I congratulate all other contestants for their great projects; it was a pleasure to compete in such a good company.

I guess this is a good moment to reveal some of my plans regarding WebIssues. Now it's in the middle of the fourth stage of development, besides the e-mail notifications which are work in progress I'm planning to redesign the UI of the WebIssues Client into a single-window model and also create a portable version which could be run from a USB stick. Then I'm planning to start working on web and mobile interfaces which will provide access to the WebIssues server from virtually every location and which will be another great milestone for the project. Everyone who wishes to participate and contribute to WebIssues is more than welcome in order to make it the most powerful open collaboration database.