Already deleted issue appeared

Submitted by inf3rno on 2013-04-25


I deleted an issue about a week ago. Now I created a new folder, and the deleted issue appeared in that. When I try to delete the client displays that cannot delete because the issue does not exist. Restart does not help, it's still there... Deleting the folder and creating a new helped. I can send screenshot if required...

(I have version 1.0.5 desktop client on x64 win 7.)

Edited: Now, works correctly after load another issue database. Seems to be related with "number of cached issues" option


This happens also to me. I have differences between client version (incorrect) and web version (correct)

I have one folder that has issues, but has been deleted after. Web-client shows a empty folder, but desktop client shows the old issues
An another folder that have issues now, but desktop-client shows a empty folder (web-client seems correct)

Thanks for the support

P.S. Versions installed are 1.0.5 (client and server)