2 features: search on description & create read-only users

Submitted by patrick_s on 2014-03-13

Search on description
I'm lacking the possibility to search on the issue description. It's possible to search using the name or any attribute, but the most important field, the description, isn't possible.

Read only users
I would like to give access to users in read only mode, but I'm not ok with granting public read only access.

Thanks for your feedback. Both things should be possible in one of the future versions.


i made a fast and custom solution for myself.

maybe it can be useful for you too.


to install just open an folder in your webissues root dir
eg: "/search"

save the code as index.php

it will search in only text columns

$searchList = array(

Is it possible for you to share it? I also need the search by description and comments and somehow the above solution is not working for me. I am using 1.1.2. I have pasted the code in index.php inside a new folder called "search" inside the main root folder where I have webissues installed as well as inside the "client" folder.


This is the modified file:

Attention: There is no authentication whatsoever on the search results! Also no input validation, so vulnerable for SQL attacks etc. So only use in trusted environments, for example a PRIVATE internal use only server.